Canclelation & Return Policy

1) The customer can choose to cancel an order any time before it's dispatched. The order cannot be canceled once it’s out for delivery. However, the customer may choose to reject it at the doorstep. But delivery charges will be deducted if the customer's order is prepaid .

2) The time window for cancellation varies based on different categories and the order cannot be canceled once the specified time has passed.

3) If any order is canceled by the seller due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be initiated for the prepaid order.

4) Yourneed solution reserves the right to cancel any order. Yourneed Solution reserves the right to waive or change time windows, delivery fees or cancellation fees from time to time.

5) If a customer orders cutting material (a product that cannot be resold), it cannot be re-cancelled. And that product will not be refunded. E.g. Armand cable, flexible cable, flexible pipe, any type of cables and wires.

Return Policy: It has different policies for stages (a separate section for materials used in construction) and regular purchases.

1. Stages : Materials used for construction are available in this. Mainly customers buy these items in bulk and different items. Customers can be contractors, engineers, home owners, electricians, plumbers, painters.

1) If you receive the product in damaged condition you can contact us within 2 days from the delivery of the product.

2) The customer can return the remaining material up to a period of 30 days.

3) Material damage, broken packaging and incorrect material will not be returned at the time of material return.

4) All original packaging and items generally must be in new and unused condition to be eligible for a refund.

5) Customer shall be responsible for full return shipping charges of returned material.

6) Any cut ordered cable, wire, pipe will not be returned.

2.Regular Material :

1) Sample Refunds will be made within 7 days of order return.

2) Items must generally be in new and unused condition with all original packaging and accessories to be eligible for return. Some products, such as software, music, and video games, may have specific return conditions like unopened packaging.

3) In B2B Bulk goods taken after sample will not be returned.

It may be that you have received material other than the sample you ordered or if there is a difference in packaging, quality and size between the sample and bulk material or if some of the ordered material is not in current condition, the material will be replaced. No additional transport will be charged for that.